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"I started my Sunday morning by receiving powerful distance Reiki from the amazing Maricel, who I have worked with in person, back when we both used to live in sunny San Diego.

While it was different to not physically share space with her, it felt just as effective + healing. I highly recommend her for Reiki support!"

Dr. Suzan Ahmed

The whole experience was relaxing and magical! I needed this therapeutic session after long hours of hula and Ori Tahiti practices for our upcoming Polynesian show.

My left shoulder had been bothering me for months and whatever she did improved my mobility! I love her new location in the Home Yoga studio. It was beautiful and had a very calming ambiance. I highly recommend Maricel for anyone looking for a therapeutic and relaxing massage. She is a gentle soul with powerful healing hands!  Looking forward to my next massage session!​​

Liz R.

"Maricel is a sweet heart with the gift of healing hands in the tradition of luxurious & sacred Lomi Lomi massage. I highly recommend her & her care!"

Dr. Jonathan Lenahan

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